Cedar City Cemetery Founded in 1879

Cedar City Cemetery is located about six and a half miles south of Austin, and 3/4’s of a mile off Highway 105. It is in Section 32 of Austin Township. The cemetery is all that remains of Cedar City which was located near the Cedar River. A former director of the Mower County Historical Society suggested the town of Cedar City would have been located approximately where the gravel pit is currently on the south side of the road between Highway 105 and the cemetery. Cedar City was booming in the years 1856-1857. In June of 1858 Cedar City was flooded and not rebuilt.

In 1879 G. H. Clough surveyed the cemetery, but burials were taking place before that time (first Mower County recorded burials in 1870). The initial portion of land was donated by Welcome Chandler (or was it by Mr. & Mrs. David Chandler). It consisted of ¾ of an acre of land, 42 lots that were 18’ x 20’. In 1884 (?) 12 additional lots were added to the cemetery. The original Articles of Association and By-laws were signed May 3, 1924. Land donations were made by: David and M. E. Chandler in 1870; Claude and Dorothy Brown in 1952; Clara Aultfather in 1963; and Paul and Gwen Kimball in 1973. The “new” or east section was deeded to the cemetery on September 4, 1957. It was plotted, therefore ready for sales, in January 1962. Lots in the new section consist of 8 gravesites with the lot measuring 16’ x 20’. Although the “old” or west section is plotted with rectangular lots, in reality lot lines were moved due to tree roots or other obstructions to burial. The current cemetery has 150 lots. It has approximately 1,100 gravesites with approximately 330 unsold.

The first burial was of a Robinson, an assistant editor of the Mower County Mirror, in lot 24. It is an unmarked grave.

The drive from the west gate was vacated and individuals are buried there.

Initially, the Cemetery Association sold entire lots or half lots with very few single gravesites sold. Currently we sell gravesites as needed by the purchaser whether it is one gravesite or more. Additionally, by state law, gravesites owned by a person(s) is passed down to his or her heirs. Gravesites are 4’ x 10’ and currently selling for $400.00 each. Lot 122 is owned by Mower County Welfare with “residents” in four of the eight gravesites. Many cemeteries have a fee for marking the gravesites for burial. Our current actuary, Linda Whalen, volunteers this service and does not charge for this service.

We do not do winter maintenance at the cemetery. If someone wants a burial to take place in the winter, that person would need to pay for the extra costs to do the snow removal and heat the ground.

Our cemetery has been family run for years. Most of our board members have family buried at the cemetery.

Our cemetery requires vaults for all burials with the exception of non-degradable urns. We allow one casket/ vault and one urn or two urns per gravesite. If there are two burials in one gravesite a headstone(s) must have listed both individuals buried.

Per the Internal Revenue Service letter dated May 30, 2007, our cemetery is a Section 501(c)(13) entity. All donations are tax deductible. Purchases of gravesites are not tax deductible. Any purchases the Cemetery Association makes are subject to sales tax.

Contributions Welcome

Cedar City Cemetery is a 501(c)(13) non-profit organization and has benefited over the years through the generous contributions of our families and friends. If you are interested, you may support the cemetery and your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent of the law.

The Cemetery Board will use donated funds as appropriate, including enhancements that further beautify the cemetery and help memorialize our loved ones (for example, the new shed).

To qualify as a deduction for federal income tax purposes, contributions:

  • must be voluntary,
  • must be irrevocably dedicated to the care of the cemetery,
  • may not be used for the perpetual care of a particular lot or niche,
  • may not be part of the purchase price of a burial lot or niche, and
  • are not deductible for federal estate and gift tax purposes.

We recommend that you seek competent tax advice regarding the deductibility of your contribution. Your support is appreciated.

This shed is one example of how your generous gifts would be used to beautify your cemetery. The new shed was installed at the north end of the cemetery early November of 2022.


Also note grave stone cleanings and repairs that have taken place.

These upgrades to the cemetery are the result of gifts from family and friends of the cemetery.


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